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Institution Watch

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Fri, 2015-11-06 - - Institution Watch

Click Here to download a PDF copy of the October 2015 Institution Watch newsletter. 

Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary - John Lord

This weeks commentary: "Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary", comes from  John Lord, titled: "Time For a New Story!".

John Lord is a researcher, author, and facilitator from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. He is the author of several books on alternative community living, including Return to the Community: The Process of Closing an Institution, Pathways to Inclusion: Building a New Story with People and Communities, Friends and Inclusion: Five Approaches to Building Relationships, and Facilitating an Everyday Life.

Fall 2013 Issue of Institution Watch is available now

The latest issue of Institution Watch is now available for download. In this edition we have asked individuals from across the country to provide their perspective. Commentary as to why we have successfully closed large institutions but have not yet enabled people with intellectual disabilities to exercise true choice and control in and over their lives, and to offer suggestions as to how this situation can be changed.

Institutions vs Community Living

Paul Caune ‬disability rights activist and self-advocate talks about‪ Institutions vs Community Living.‬ Here he talks about getting political to have them closed down as well as his own living situation about how living in the community has changed his quality of life VS that of what it would be like in an institution. In this video Paul also answers the question whether institutional living is more economical or not, which is always a big item on the agenda on this debate.

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