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Ready Willing & Able Volume 4, Issue 2

Success Stories About Employment

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Inclusive Employment

CACL's Coming Together… to Create Change, National Family Leadership Series: Values, Vision and Action Workshops.

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Get involved - Inclusion starts with you! Explore the many ways you can make a difference.

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Learn about the CACL Foundation and how you can help make society fully inclusive to all people with intellectual disabilities.

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Take a look at the "10 steps to Inclusive Communities" section of our website, it is full of information and resources for all!

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End Exclusion

In 2006, CACL partnered with the Council of Canadians with Disabilities...

Close Institutions in Canada

Today in Canada, thousands of Canadians with intellectual disabilities remain trapped in large, segregated institutions...

No Excuses

Over 70% of parents, whose children with intellectual disabilities are in regular classrooms, report that their children...