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View Point: Samantha Gregory - More Inclusion In Schools

Samantha Gregory

Our most recent View Point Blog comes from self advocate and Youth Outreach Worker from Markham, Ontario: Samantha Gregory. Samantha tells us a little bit about herself before her View Point Blog about: More Inclusion In Schools.

My name is Samantha Gregory and I live in Markham. I am the Youth Outreach Worker for the Canadian Association for Community Living, the Self Advocate on the Board of Directors for Community Living York South and the President for People First of Markham. I am 23 and some of my goals are to go to college and to have my own home. I love knitting, reading books and writing. I also really enjoy presenting speeches and I have presented 25 so far. That is a really cool accomplishment for me because I have a speech problem that I have mostly conquered.

More Inclusion In Schools

Hello, my name is Samantha Gregory and I think that there should be a lot more inclusion in schools because it can help lots of people like me who have disabilities. When I was in public school I was only included in the regular classes for certain subjects and certain units but most of the time for English, Math and sometimes even Science I was put into the special education classroom. It was really hard to see so many other students who weren’t in special education and it made me sad sometimes to be excluded from the group. I have lots of abilities and a lot to offer, so all I need is the chance to show people what I can do. Being included makes me feel important and that people want me to be there. It also helps me to be more independent because I have to spend time with lots of people who don’t have disabilities on a regular basis. I have seen many educational movies of students with disabilities who are being included and they are very successful in their schoolwork. Inclusion makes lots of students more confident in themselves and more able to cooperate with students who don’t have disabilities. The whole concept of excluding us does not even make any sense because in life at jobs or community groups we are all included no matter what kinds of people we are. It can aid students with disabilities to get jobs because it can be very difficult to find employment if you don’t know how to interact or communicate with people who don’t have disabilities. So, what I can clearly see is that a more inclusive world is a better world and if the students can have these opportunities in school then their learning will start at younger ages.

Thank you for reading my first blog page and don’t give up - Samantha Gregory


BLOG - View Point

Thank you Samantha ... this is a great first BLOG entry, and I hope you will write many more. Your insight to the merits of inclusion are supported by your accomplishments, of which there are many. I agree with you, inclusion helps every one, and exclusion can create more problems than it ever will solve.