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The time is getting close to our 2012 National Conference!


The time is getting close to our National Conference in Winnipeg and we are looking forward to reconnecting with you all at that time. The "Choice is Ours" conference will be an exciting few days with world renowned speakers and sessions that will enlighten, educate and empower us all.

This joint conference with CACL, People First of Canada and Community Living Manitoba promises to have something for everyone and to add an element of fun to the occasion we are having a Silent Auction!!!

The money raised from the Silent Auction will be shared between the three hosting organizations. So be sure to register for our "The Choice is Ours" conference now, if you have not already done so!

We are also accepting donations for our silent auction, it would be wonderful if you felt inclined to bring along an item to donate from your home province. By each of us sharing something from "home" we will have a great selection of items truly representing our country from coast to coast. Just remember that the items need to be sized and packed for ease of travel.
Put your thinking caps on for a unique item to donate to our Silent Auction. You can let us know if you brought some thing along by dropping it off at the conference registration desk when you arrive at the conference.

See you in a few weeks!