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Tim Hudak on supporting those with learning and developmental disabilities, talks about the improved health of his daughter


Tim Hudak

The current leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives (PC) leader, Tim Hudak, talked about his family in an interview with the Toronto Sun just days before voters take part in the 2014 Ontario general election.

In the interview, Hudak talks about his 6-year-old daughter, Miller Olive Hudak, and how her developmental needs has influenced his position and promises regarding certain government-funded programs.

Miller been dealing with developmental needs ever since she was a newborn. In the last Ontario general election, a then 3 year-old Miller was rushed to the hospital with serious health complications. According to the Sun, Miller’s overall health hasimproved greatly since 2011 and now appears to be “putting her struggles behind her.”

Some voters worry that if elected, Hudak might cut important programs serving children with developmental needs. However, Hudak has promised not to cut those specific programs. Hudak’s jobs plans includes groups such those with learning and/or developmental disabilities, whom he claims is “forgotten” under the current Liberal government.  If elected, Hudak believes that “those with disabilities would see their lives improve under a Tory government.”

During a stop in Oakville, Hudak mentioned the large number of individuals living with learning and developmental disabilities, individuals who are capable of working and contributing to the province of Ontario. Under his leadership, he aims to “pave the way to give them great jobs and hope and opportunity." In addition to creating jobs, Hudak promises that despite the targeted job cuts in the public education sector, special education programs will not be affected.

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Photo Credit: Office of the Leader of the Opposition, CC Wikimedia