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Poverty Watch, the Spring 2013 issue is out!



Poverty Watch Spring 2013


The Spring 2013 issue of Poverty Watch is out with a focus on employment. The best escape route from poverty is a real job for a living wage. Yet, for the vast majority of people with intellectual disabilities the vision of having a job in a regular workplace is a distant reality. Most are reliant on inadequate income support systems many of which continue to trap people in poverty and make the transition to employment a difficult one. Inside the spring 2013 issue of Poverty Watch a Study by the Standing Committee on Finance on Income Inequality in Canada, Summary of CACL Brief on Income Inequality, Provincial / Territorial Income Support Earnings Exemptions, House Committee Initiates Hearings on Employment of People with Disabilities, Budget 2013: Bold Promise for Labour Force Inclusion and CACL Launches Ready, Willing & Able Website

Download the most recent issue of Poverty Watch and all our past issues from the Poverty Watch page on our website.