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Michael Bach

Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary - Michael Bach

Today we are launching the first of our 12 week series of long form blog posts titled "Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary" Our first post comes from CACL EVP Michael Bach titled; "Deinstitutionalization – What does justice demand?" We want to encourage you to comment on this and the next 11 posts in this series. Comment and share with others lets create a national dialogue on this subject and get people talking.

Deinstitutionalization – What does justice demand?

By Michael Bach

CACL EVP Michael Bach speaks about Ready, Willing and Able at Mayor's Breakfast in Parry Sound



Michael Bach Parry Sound In May Michael Bach, executive vice president of the Canadian Association for Community Living, was the keynote speaker during a breakfast with the Mayor of Parry Sound. Where attendees discussed the new initiative, ‘Ready, Willing and Able'.

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