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Inspiring back to school message

Megan Bomgaars a self advocate has a very inspiring message of inclusion for everyone returning to school in the next few weeks. In this video not only does Megan tell us all about her personal achievements as a result of her inclusive education environment she also demands not to be limited in her video: Don't Limit Me! Watch this very inspiring video below and make sure to share it with people you know as her message is an important one as back to school is only a few weeks away. Speaking of back to school and re-launching into new worlds, we will be re-launching our Inclusive Education Canada website any day now. So keep your eyes and ears open for an announcement about the new Inclusive Education Canada website with a new fresher look and feel, community blog and its very own social media pages too. Stay tuned to our feed for more information about that in the coming days in the mean time Megan Bomgaars has a very relevant and important message of inspiration about inclusive education!