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inclusive employment

Chris Boyer is Ready, Willing & Able

Despite his intellectual disability, Chris Boyer is more than willing, ready and able to be a part of today’s work force. Working at a local business in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for the past six years, Chris has gained more than just confidence and pride but a second family at his job. Watch Chris's story:

Ready for hire


Kelly Mansell, co-owner of Rocket Bakery and Fresh Food on Water Street in St. John’s (Newfoundland), and Michelle Pennell, front store manager at Shopper’s Drug Mart on LeMarchant Road, were the other two panellists who have hired people with disabilities.

Mansell said:
“I encourage any employer to take part and hire someone with a disability,” she said. “Working with Eric has enriched our lives. He wants to stay and work with us, there are very few absences and he’s just awesome to be around.”

Innovative program helps

Chris RWA Even in a booming economy, the biggest challenge for intellectually disabled workers is simply landing a job.

September is Disability Employment Month in BC

The B.C. government recently released a 10-year action plan (Accessibility 2024) to make B.C. the most progressive place for people with disabilities in Canada by 2024. One of the first actions is to make September Disability Employment Month


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