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Inclusion Conference 2012 - join the conversation online!


Our 2012 conference is days away and we are very excited about it!! The office is a buzz with activity as we prepare to make a buzz about inclusion and many of our other areas of focus with an end result of full inclusion for all in society!  Which CACL advocates for on a daily basis!

To help you keep up to date with the goings on of our 2012 conference we have created a communication "Twub", using the power of social media and micro blogging tools like Twitter you can join the conversation online by Tweeting #inclusionconference2012 to your Twitter posts from the conference.

Post photos, videos and thoughts and discussion. View and interact with them all on the conference Tweethub or follow us on Twitter @cacl_acic for the live Tweets from the conference.

If your at the conference or not you can now be part of the conversion just remember #inclusionconference2012 in Twitter or head over to our Twub page.

Make sure to check out the #inclusionconference2012 Twub for live Tweets, photos, videos and more at Remember to join our Twub when you visit to interact directly with the feed. If you prefer shorthand you can also use the alias #inclconf2012

We have not forgotten all our loyal Facebook followers, you will be able to follow the feed on our Facebook page also.