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Huronia Regional Centre class action suit update


Huronia Regional Centre

We have an update about the Huronia Regional Centre class action trial, which begins September 16th 2013, and is expected to last most of this fall.

The court dates will take place at 330 University Avenue in Toronto and will be in session every day commencing from 10am. Opening arguments will be  made on Monday September 16th, some other key dates in the proceedings will be Tuesday September 17th and Monday September 23rd.

Marilyn Dolmage one of the plaintiffs testifying states:

"Spectators are welcome to attend, this will provide unprecedented opportunities to listen to survivors, stories and a chance to learn. Also by attending it will help show a demonstrated public interest in the outcome, on behalf of people with developmental disabilities - too many of whom continue to be marginalized and inadequately supported, in Ontario. Since we began this action, we have learned so much more about the extent of neglect and abuse. We want the public to know - to hear from survivors and from the 64 years of government documentation that will be revealed."

 For further legal analysis see todays article in the Financial Post

Watch our website or for further updates and see this link for early posts about this class action suit.