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Huronia claims extended due to file access delays

Marilyn Dolmage, Huronia Class Action

On Friday, CACL published an update on the extended deadline date regarding the Huronia claims applications. This new date of November 25, 2014 also included claims applications for Rideau and Southwestern Regional Centre. Despite the new date, The Star reports that former residents are having difficulties with major delays with the claims process.

Following the centre’s closure, allegations of staff abuse led to a class action lawsuit and an apology issued by the government of Ontario. Following this development, settlements are currently being negotiated for the surviving residents of Huronia. Before the lawsuit was taken to the court, the province of Ontario negotiated a $35 million settlement for former Huronia residents.

Despite reaching a settlement, processing the claims has been a long, difficult process for many, The Star reports. Wayne Jones has been trying to get the resident files for his sister-in-law released to him. She has been able to talk a bit about her time at the facility but the full story is currently locked away. These resident files are crucial for the preparation of the claims.

According to Marilyn Domage, a litigation guardian involved with the suit “Many people have had a tough time getting their records, but…it’s important that the process resolves quickly.” A lot of the former residents are over the age of sixty, therefore, emphasizing the time sensitive nature of the claims process

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Photo Credit: Colin McConnell / The Star

The Star - July 02 2014
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