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Freedom Tour Nova Scotia

Feedom Tour Nova Scotia

For many years, CACL has dedicated itself to raising awareness about deinstitutionalization in Canada. In partnership with People First of Canada (PFC), they have formed a Task Force dedicated to certain goals such as developing framework for a National Plan on deinstitutionalization and developing a working definition of "institution."  In 2007, People First of Canada produced a documentary film, "The Freedom Tour," which takes a closer look at the survivors of individuals labelled with an intellectual disabilities. View the trailer for the 2007 Freedom Tour documentary below

In Nova Scotia, Community Services closed these Youth Training Centres in 1996, however, even today, despite the closure of these centres, institutionalization remains the go-to option. While the government of Ontario closed the Huronia, Rideau, and Southwestern Regional Centres, one of the biggest institutions in Canada, there remains a number of institutions still operating in Nova Scotia.  There are a number of initiatives and campaigns created in order to promote deinstitutionalization and raise awareness about the realities of institutionalization.

An Indiegogo campaign was launched in the beginning of July in order to raise funds for a new program that aims to educate seventh graders on the civil rights of individuals with intellectual disability.

In order to support the campaign, Brad Rivers and Alex Nemet will participate in a bike tour across Nova Scotia. At each stop, they will screen "The Freedom Tour: Nova Scotia" a film documenting the experiences of individuals with an intellectual disabilities in Nova Scotia. It was produced in partnership with Flow Productions and People First Nova Scotia and you can see the trailer for the campaign below

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