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Documentary on the Huronia, Rideau, Smiths Falls class action lawsuits



Our friends at CBC produced a radio documentary on the Huronia (and Rideau, Smiths Falls) class action lawsuits recently.

The documentary is called The Gristle in the Stew after something that Patricia Seth said about how she felt being in Huronia. It aired on the Sunday Edition Nov 27th 2011 along with an introduction by producer and national reporter David Gutnick:

"In 1876, the Ontario government opened an institution for people with a developmental disability near Orillia, 90 minutes north of Toronto. It was originally called the Orillia Asylum for Idiots. Later, in more enlightened times, it became the Huronia Regional Centre. At its peak in 1968, it housed 2,600 residents. It was one of 16 such institutions which over the generations were home to 50,000 people. The last of them was closed in 2009. Parents were told their children would be cared for, that it was all in all the best thing for them. It is now coming to light that this was not the case. For the first time, adults who grew up in these places are telling harrowing stories of abuse and neglect".

You can hear the documentary here, if you happen to have missed it on Sunday.

You can also read a very well written news article also by David Gutnick the documentarties producer on the CBC news website titled "Class action: Ontario's developmentally challenged go to court"

For more information about a joint effort between CACL and People First of Canada are doing to support the deinstitutionalisation movement see the Institution Watch website or search on the topic.

Pictured above interior of Huronia Regional Center from