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Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary - Susannah Joyce and Rick Tutt


This weeks: "Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary", comes from Susannah Joyce and Rick Tutt, titled: “it’s Time to Rethink Training”

Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary - Zana Marie Lutfiyya, PhD

This weeks: "Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary", comes from Zana Marie Lutfiyya, PhD, titled: " No One Ever Said That it Would Be Easy"

Zana Marie Lutfiyya, PhD, is a professor and Associate Dean responsible for research and graduate programs at the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba. Her ongoing research interests remain the factors that help or hinder the full participation of individuals with intellectual disabilities in the community. She has been involved with the community living movement since 1972.

Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary - Michael J. Kendrick PhD

This weeks commentary: "Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary", comes from  Michael J. Kendrick PhD, titled: " The Roots of Possible Antidotes to Today’s Harmful Institutional Culture in the Community"

Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary - John Lord

This weeks commentary: "Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary", comes from  John Lord, titled: "Time For a New Story!".

John Lord is a researcher, author, and facilitator from Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. He is the author of several books on alternative community living, including Return to the Community: The Process of Closing an Institution, Pathways to Inclusion: Building a New Story with People and Communities, Friends and Inclusion: Five Approaches to Building Relationships, and Facilitating an Everyday Life.

Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary - Carol Ann Brennan

We start off 2014 in our ongoing community commentary with the 7th week of our series: "Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary", our most recent post comes from Carol Ann Brennan, titled: "Where To From Here?".

Update about the Huronia Regional Centre class action.

Marilyn Dolmage has been instrumental in supporting the plaintiffs who came forward in the Huronia Regional Centre case and has been very involved in the process.  Below is an update from Marilyn since the courts decision last fall.


Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary - Connie Lauren-Bowie

In our 5th week of our commentary series: "Deinstitutionalization, Community Commentary", our post comes from Connie Lauren-Bowie, titled: "Everyone Wants to Belong".

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