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Cancer Screening and Early Detection

Cancer Screening and Early Detection for Women with Disabilities & People with Intellectual Disabilities

Infocus PSA Ive Been Screened

The InFocus community development initiative realized a hugely successful two years with the completion of the project entitled: Cancer Screening and Early Detection for Women with Disabilities & People with Intellectual Disabilities this April.

The project was developed in response to the significant obstacles to accessible healthcare, people with disabilities and Deaf people - particularly women and people with intellectual disabilities - experience and thus are less likely to engage in cancer prevention practices, leading to higher rates of later-stage cancer diagnoses and cancer-related deaths among members of these populations. This project was built on the foundation of CACL's and DAWN Canada's substantial experience and knowledge of strategies that actively address the unique types of barriers to inclusion that women and men with disabilities experience, translating this knowledge to the health sector and more specifically cancer screening early detection.

The success and ongoing implementation of these health workshops has been incredible! In Kitchener Waterloo the organizers conducted the healthcare provider workshop in a "Lunch and Learn" format, i.e. in 1 hour sessions. The Accessibility Committee of the hospital attended and as this participant exclaimed just after the first session...

This workshop did not meet my expectations it completely exceeded them! I have learned more about access and inclusion in one hour, than I have in two years of sitting on this Committee!

This Public Service Announcement is meant to reach people with disabilities first and foremost and then as a secondary audience, alert healthcare providers to the issue

We are very proud of the work our provincial, territorial and local partners have conducted with the InFocus initiative this year - particularly in the area of increasing health access. Without their knowledge of their communities and expertise with this issue, we would not have been able to pull off what we did.  Thank you to our partners all over this country for their enthusiasm in ensuring that all Canadians can live safe and healthy lives!

Doris Rajan, National Project Director

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