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Giving communities the tools to prevent and respond to elder abuse


On June 15th, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, the Canadian Association for Community Living announced a project to address the issue of abuse against older people with disabilities and Deaf people, that will have a national reach and a neighbourhood-level impact.

CACL report helps to build case for systemic discrimination


Ontario Human Rights Commission lawyer Sunil Gurmukh told the Human Rights Tribunal to reconsider this case, which was deemed out of its jurisdiction, because of the amount of time that passed since the plaintif received her first paycheque was about 10 years before. Sunil Gurmukh said that "reconsideration is a matter of public importance" in this article published about the case.

CACL and People First of Canada Celebrate 30 years of the Charter



For Immediate Release:
Toronto and Winnipeg
April 16, 2012 

People with Intellectual Disabilities and their Families Celebrate

The Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms – 30 years on

A good day to be Canadian


Above: Valley View Centre, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. An immense facility built in 1955 and designed to house up to 1500 Saskatchewan residents with intellectual disabilities.


A good day to be Canadian

Winnipeg, Manitoba, February 24, 2012 – Today, the Government of Saskatchewan announced the closure

CACL 2011 Holiday Message


"When our son was born, we lived what so many new parents dread. We were told his life would be very limited. That he would never walk. Never talk. Never make it past grade five. We were told he could never learn. We were never told he would be so much more."

CACL issues it 2011 National Report Card on inclusion


CACL issues its annual National Report Card on inclusion to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2011
Click here to read or download the 2011 National Report Card, see below for our full media release.

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