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CACL report helps to build case for systemic discrimination


Ontario Human Rights Commission lawyer Sunil Gurmukh told the Human Rights Tribunal to reconsider this case, which was deemed out of its jurisdiction, because of the amount of time that passed since the plaintif received her first paycheque was about 10 years before. Sunil Gurmukh said that "reconsideration is a matter of public importance" in this article published about the case.

$1.25-an-hour case a fight against ‘stereotyping

 Ontario Human Rights Commission lawyer Sunil Gurmukh: 

"On average, people with intellectual disabilities earn less than others, he said. In 2005, a report from the Canadian Association for Community Living found the average wage for a person with intellectual disabilities was $18,172. That compared to $29,669 for people with other types of disabilities, and $38,000 for people without disabilities."

Other recent CACL research on the subject of employment of people with disabilities.

Achieving social and economic inclusion: from segregation to 'employment first'

The Employment Situation of People with Intellectual Disabilities