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CACL President

Blakes Honoured with CACL President's Award

Fri, 2015-10-23 - - CACL, CACL President

We are pleased to announce that Blakes was honoured with the Canadian Association for Community Living President's Award on Thursday, October 15, 2015 at a presentation in Vancouver, BC.

The award was presented to Blakes in recognition of their ongoing pro bono service to our organization. Blakes became involved with CACL in 2001 through Partner Ron Richler, who is now retired. Since then, Blakes continues to not only provide pro bono assistance to CACL, but also helps bring awareness to the stigma surrounding intellectual disabilities.

Article view point - "Why we should be concerned about community living"


A few words from CACL's new president Laurie Larson. In this first blog post by Laurie she speaks to a great article that recently appeared in the Victoria Times Colonist on November 10th. The article titled "Why we should be concerned about community living - Creation of an inclusive system for disability support is long overdue" brings to light the long overdue need for creation of an inclusive system for disability support. Read some of Laurie's thoughts on the article and follow the link to read the article itself.


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