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CACL is now on Flickr


CACL on Flickr


CACL is now on Flickr, check out our extensive photo collection from the various conferences, policy forums, award ceremonies and other activities that CACL is involved in. We are very happy to introduce to you this latest addition to our family of online communities along side our other social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and  Google+. Our Flickr channel aims to give you another place to gather, share and join the conversation online just like our CACL Blog. You can find our Flickr channel at where you can browse, comment, choose favorites and share photos from our ever grown photostream and array of galleries we have created.If you have photos from a CACL event or activitiy that you think should be part of this collection of images please get in touch by email. We hope you enjoy this newest edition to our online resources.


CACL Flickr Channel