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CACL has many different newsletters that we offer, some are joint efforts like Institution Watch which is a joint task force on deinstitutionalisation, through CACL and People First of Canada. The newsletter is dedicated to monitoring the progress toward a vision of full community living for all persons with intellectual disabilities. Education Watch a newsletter which focuses on inclusive education news and issues is a joint effort between CACL and Inclusive Education under the direction of Dr. Gordon Porter. CACL also has a number of newletters that it publishes on its own including info@ which is news from CACL, Poverty Watch which examines what's working and what's not in combatting the deeply entrenched poverty of people living with intellectual disabilities. Poverty Watch is a result of the National Action Committee on Disability Supports, Income and Employment. One of the most recently published and active newletters is Coming together… This newsletter shares thought-provoking perspectives on how families are leading change in communities, and highlights events, resources and networks you can join.


You can find recent issues of 3 of our newsletters launched this spring at the links below:

Institution Watch Spring 2011

Education Watch Spring 2011

Coming together... Spring 2011


Informative Post

Good initiative by CACL. Its is doing a great job by putting light on major issues of society such as education, poverty etc. All these issues are main obstacles in country's growth. Hope this practice will lead to some stable point. Thanks.