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A Bold Vision Nominee - Laurie Larson, CACL President

When 23 men met in Charlottetown PEI in 1864, their collective thinking and visioning ultimately led to the formation of Canada.

A Bold Vision wants to know, what do 23 women envision for our country for the next 150 years?

CACL President Laurie Larson is one of the nominated women leaders. Canadians have the unique opportunity to nominate from all walks of life to be visionaries for the future of Canada. Twenty-three selected nominees will present their hopes and plans for Canada’s future in an individual vision paper, which will be published in an anthology. Additionally, the visionaries will be invited to an historic collaborative visioning session in Prince Edward Island on September 26, 2014, a Charlottetown conference for the 21st century. You can view Laurie Larson's nomination profile on A Bold Vision's website.

Laurie Larson

Final selections for the 23 visionary leaders will be made by March 8, 2014.
For more information about A Bold Vision please see their website



A Bold Vision Nominee

Laurie's dedication to our movement and her passion and drive to improve life for people with intellectual disabilities and their families have earned her this nomination. Her vision for an inclusive Canada inspires all of us to move the CACL agenda forward and rejuvenates our commitment to create a truly diverse society where we are all valued and respected.
Well done Laurie. Your voice is being heard!