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Michael Bach talks Inclusive Employment on CBC


CACL EVP Michael Bach

This morning on the CBC Radio program The Current, CACL EVP Michael Bach spoke in depth about people with disabilities deserve real jobs with real pay, how we need national employers both public and private sector to step up for inclusive employment. This story which The Current invited CACL's Michael Bach to speak about began last week regarding the announcement of the closing of a sheltered workshop in Ottawa but its origins reaches further back into the long range goal of CACLs for employment equality with our Ready, Willing and Able initiative which CACL began to roll our on a national level earlier this year. Michael Bach goes into greater detail of what the initiative is and CACLs national goal of real jobs with real pay. Listen to the entire discussion and interview that Michael Bach has with CBC's the Current earlier this morning for the full story.

Blog Update March 26th 2015 - 4pm
Press Release issued by CACL - Real Jobs for Real Pay - March 26 2015