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Why support the Canadian Association for Community Living Foundation? Because community living means that all people, regardless of disability, should be fully included in our communities; enjoying active and productive lives!

People with intellectual disabilities are among the most marginalized and segregated people in society. Given the opportunity, people with intellectual disabilities can learn in regular schools, be productive in communities, make contributions to society as a whole and add value to the lives of the people around them. The needs of people with intellectual disabilities and their families must be addressed in order to provide the support they require and the voice they deserve as Canadian citizens.

Your investment in the building of an inclusive Canada will have a direct impact on…

  • The direct beneficiaries – Over 900,000 Canadians with intellectual disabilities who will feel included, valued, and supported in being part of the mainstream of society.
  • The Canadian public – Canadians value diversity in their lives and in their communities. Including persons with intellectual disabilities contributes to developing diverse communities and will have a positive impact both personally and professionally on all Canadians.
  • Canadian communities – Having inclusive communities, schools and programs will ultimately mean a saving of millions of dollars annually to Canadians, rather than maintaining the ongoing costs of segregated programs and institutions.
  • The Canadian health care system – People with intellectual disabilities would have appropriate and adequate access to a health care system that meets their needs.
  • The Canadian employment rate – By including people with intellectual disabilities in the workforce, individuals with intellectual differences will become important contributors to the Canadian economy and be recognized for their skills and value.
  • Canadian families – Those supporting a family member with an intellectual disability will be better able to work, raise their families and be a part of their community.

Are you ready to invest in creating a fully inclusive Canada? Click here to learn how you can get involved.