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National Family Leadership Series - Values, Vision and Action Workshop


As part of the Canadian Association for Community Living’s Coming Together… to Create Change: National Family Leadership Series, CACL, in collaboration with participating Provincial/Territorial Associations for Community Living, is offering its Values, Vision and Action Workshop.

The Values, Vision and Action Workshop is a weekend retreat provided to groups of 20-25 family members. The workshop is highly interactive, consisting of individual and panel presentations, small group sessions, and a variety of informational videos.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the history, values and vision of the community living movement, the changing perspectives on disability within our society and the role families can play in translating this vision into a ‘good life’ for our family members.

Families’ values, vision, passion and commitment have inspired and led this movement for over 60 years. The purpose of the leadership series is to share our values and vision and to provide resources, support and tools to assist families in imagining change, pursuing it, connecting for social change and leading the way to inclusion.

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