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Elections are a great opportunity to have your voice heard. At the Federal level, elected officials are called Members of Parliament. There are 308 Members of Parliament (MPs). The country is divided into 308 "ridings". During an election period there will be a number of candidates running to represent your riding in the House of Commons in Ottawa. Information on elections, how to vote and which candidates are running in your riding can be found at

The Canadian Association for Community Living provides an analysis of the election platforms for the main Federal Parties (Conservative, Green Party, Liberal, New Democratic Party). CACL also provides election materials for individuals to read and share with the candidates running in their riding.

CACL Analysis of 2008 Federal Election Platforms

The Canadian Association for Community Living has developed a disability-specific analysis of Federal election platforms for the Conservative Party of Canada, the Liberal Party, the New Democrat Party and the Green Party of Canada. CACL does not endorse any particular party or platform; the purpose of this analysis is to provide an overview of commitments to persons with disabilities. See where the parties stand on disability.

2008 Federal Election

CACL prepared a special 2008 Federal Election edition of INFO@ including a number of resource documents pertaining to the election on Tuesday October 14, 2008, such as:

  1. A pledge card seeking commitment from candidates on three key issues:
    • Alleviating poverty for Canadians with disabilities and their families;
    • Advancing the rights of persons with disabilities; and
    • Building an inclusive and accessible Canada.
  2. Fact Sheets on the three issues, with key statistics, messages and background information.
  3. A how-to guide describing how you can host an all-candidates debate in your riding.

If you have any questions or require additional information please contact us