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Family Supports

Our Vision

Families access the supports and opportunities they need to assure inclusion for family members with intellectual disabilities through their lifetimes, and to secure family social and economic well-being.

Benchmarks for Achievement

  • Families have access to needed supports and services (i.e. respite, in-home support, and home modifications).
  • Policies are established, and implemented, that ensure families can play their caring role and at the same time participate in the paid labour market, advance in their careers.
  • Families have the option to withdraw from their primary caregiving role as their family member enters adulthood.
  • Strong incentives are in place for families to: plan for and invest in the future financial security of family members with disabilities; and to ensure that any financial benefits that result do not negatively impact on their family member's access to government-funded income support programs.
  • Governments and communities are investing in a sustainable local-to-national capacity for family leadership, empowerment and networking that advances the citizenship and inclusion of Canadians with disabilities.


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