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FEDERAL ELECTION 2011 - Together we can make disability an election issue

A Federal Election will be held on Monday May 2, 2011. You can help make disability an issue
in this election. You can make a difference by getting involved.

The Canadian Association for Community living has identified three issues for this election:

1. Poverty
Tackle the poverty of Canadians with disabilities by:
a. Creating an advisory panel to develop long-term income reform options and define the federal role in providing direct income support to persons with disabilities.
b. Making the Disability Tax Credit refundable for low income Canadians.

2. Employment
Secure Employment by:
a. Establishing a new Federally-funded strategic initiative that specifically targets youth with disabilities in transition from school to employment.
b. Ensuring that existing Federal investments in, and funding transfers to Provinces and Territories for, employment supports and services have disability-specific targets and initiatives.

3. UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Make the CRPD real and meaningful by:
a. Appointing the Canadian Human Rights Commission – with adequate resources and a national mandate – as the CRPD monitoring mechanism.
b. Design a National Framework for Implementation, or a National Action Plan, to ensure Canada meets its obligations in Article 33(2) and to provide the vision and overarching framework for successful implementation of the CRPD. A detailed implementation action plan would identify necessary mechanisms for collaboration, benchmarks for monitoring and reporting, and strategies for priority areas for action the disability community has identified, including:

1. Access to Disability Supports
2. Poverty Alleviation
3. Labour Force Participation
4. Accessibility and Inclusion
5. Canada's international leadership

2011 Election and Social Media
CACL will be on the campaign trail through our website and social media tools. Follow us on twitter @cacl_11election and check out CACL's facebook page for updates on what the campaigns are saying about disability. Information will also be available on our website .

Make Your Voice Heard
Join the conversations happening on-line
I.E. check out Your Take on CBC
Inform candidates in your riding that disability issues are important to you as a voter
Share CACL's election fact sheets with candidates in your riding
Share your story/your concerns with candidates
Host or participating in a disability focused all-candidates debate
Participate in general all-candidates debates.

Other ways to get engaged:
Call in to call-in radio and television shows – ask a question about disability
Learn about the leaders debates and how the Canadian public can participate
Candidates may canvass in your riding – invite them in, share your story
Invite the candidates to meet with families, volunteers in your riding
Host an open house at your office and invite the candidates to drop by

Leaders' Debates
The 2011 Federal Leaders' Debates have been confirmed for April 12 (English) and 14 (French) in Ottawa. CACL will share information about this as it becomes available and encourage everyone to submit questions. A sample list of questions are available on CACL's website.

Who's Running in Your Riding
You can find the candidates running in your riding at . Alternatively, Elections Canada can be reached, toll free, by calling 1-800-463-6868, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time).

CACL Election Materials
1. CACL 2011 election post card
2. CACL 2011 Election Issue Fact sheets: Poverty, Employment, CRPD
3. CACL 2011 Election Questions for All-Candidates/Leaders' Debates
4. A guide to hosting an all-candidates debate.

If you have any questions or would like some additional information, please contact us