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Ammie Kipsigak

“Sometimes when you help others, it helps you more than them. These are words to live by. I invite people over to the house to have a meal. I call it Ammie’s menu. My name is Ammie Kipsigak.”

A former Mayor of Hall Beach, Ammie first got involved with the Nunavut Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit Society (NDMS) as a Director in 1999 when Nunavut was created. Over the last twelve years out of fourteen years, support of the Society’s operations has been sporadic at best. However still today, Ammie has dreams to set up small accessibility committees in every community in the territory.

Noah Papatsie

In 2010, Noah Papatsie started volunteering for the Nunavut Disabilities Makinnasuaqtiit Society (NDMS), an advocacy and awareness organization for people with disabilities, and then last year, he ran for mayor of Iqaluit. He didn’t win, but he sure enjoyed the feeling of being mobile, meeting people and feeling useful again. He’ll be doing more of that as Nunavut’s first guide dog owner. Papatsie was born in Iqaluit after his parents moved there from Pangnirtung in the 1960s. Papatsie’s father, Josie, was very active in civic issues, volunteering for local town, health and housing committees. Noah says it’s his parents who taught him leadership skills and the importance of community involvement.
“Challenges are not barriers,” says Papatsie, 44, and a father of three children. “Whatever challenges you get, there are no barriers. You can always go around them.”