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Nova Scotia

Sharon Whiteway

Sharon Whiteway Inspired by the opportunity to help others, Sharon believes that NSACL is most valuable to persons with disabilities and their families by supporting them in advocating for their rights - the same rights that everyone should have. She points out that by uniting everyone who supports or advocates for persons with disabilities, we have strength in numbers, and this is especially vital in the latest round of discussions with the Department of Community Services.

Sharon is a resident of Milford Station, and has been serving on the NSACL board for over 15 years. "They needed a secretary," she says, "I volunteered and haven't been able to leave since!" She also enjoys singing in her church choir and a local choir called Evensong, which performs at various local venues.

Like many people involved with NSACL, Sharon says that it was a family member who motivated her to become involved. “My sister has a mental disability and has attended the work shop in our area for many, many years,” she says, adding, “I became involved with them (NSACL) as a family member interested in what was going on in my sister's life and have been involved ever since.” Sharon reminds us that each of us has the ability to make a difference. ”The executive of NSACL is a very small group of dedicated people but we can't do it all by ourselves. We need to know that others care about the work we do and may, from time to time, be willing to help."

Mary Oickle

Mary Oickle is a Board member of NSACL. She is a self advocate who speaks her mind. She has given presentations to the Minister of Community Services as well as a group of administrators who are supervisors of institutions here in Nova Scotia. Mary herself was in an institution for over 20 years of her 63 years and is a strong voice in speaking to government, conferences, families and people she meets in the community regarding how people with intellectual disabilities should not be in institutions. Often at meetings Mary is the “quiet one” until she speaks up and becomes passionate about issues affecting persons with disabilities. Nobody expects this quiet woman to have such determination and such a strong voice until we hear her speak of her own experiences at having been segregated and devalued. Mary is an active member of People First Halifax, the Sharing and Caring Club, and the Nova Scotia Association for Community Living Mary loves her life, and she loves to contribute to her community. Mary was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal. In making the announcement, President of the Nova Scotia Association for Community Living, Lew Crews, stated, “Mary Oickle, has made an enormous contribution to the community living movement over many years.” When Mary received the Queens Diamond Jubilee Award she was inspired to present an award at the Family Forums. She presents a beautiful plaque at every Family Forum to a person she thinks has worked hard and deserves it. It is known as The Mary Oickle “Bright Future Award”

Angela Scott

Angela Scott has been volunteering with NSACL since September 2012. Her volunteer activities include the provision of much needed web design and web support. Angela helped create a new website for NSACL, and currently maintains it by making changes and adding content as needed. She completed a web design course in 2012, and worked at the Nova Scotia SPCA for eight months. She is currently working towards her Bachelor of Public Relations degree at Mount Saint Vincent University, and will be starting her final year in the fall. In addition to volunteering with NSACL, Angela also volunteers with Girl Guides of Canada (since 2009), working with girls’ ages 12-15 on a weekly basis, helping the program give the girls many different opportunities to build confidence and leadership skills. With the Girl Guides she works on several fundraising campaigns each year and plans events such as sleepovers, camps and daytrips.  Angela has a strong interest in travel, and hopes to build a career in event management.