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Newfoundland and Labrador

Gene Hickey

Gene HickeyGene Hickey made a significant contribution to the advancement of inclusion for citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) throughout his career in public service. During his tenure with government, he specialized in the area of disability and related supports, specifically in assisting individuals make informed choices in the field of training and employment that best suited their needs.

In his role as a Social Worker, Career Development Specialist, Client Service Manager and a Regional Manager in the career and employment field, he was able to bring out the best in staff through his leadership, commitment and encouragement to think outside the parameter of the programs and look for ways to make society more inclusive for all. An example of this was illustrated in the tireless work he and others did in establishing the Supported Employment Model in this province in the mid 1980’s.This program is very viable today and has been recognized as a model for the rest of Canada to follow. He was recognized for his leadership and dedication when he received the Public Service Award of Excellence in 2001.He was again recognized in 2003 as a member of the Badger Flood Response team.

Mr. Hickey is a lifelong advocate and volunteer within the disability movement in the province of NL, specifically with the Newfoundland and Labrador Association for Community Living. His work as chair of the Provincial Inclusion and Well Being Initiative has fostered positive relationships and enhanced communications between service providers and individuals with disabilities, providing a model in social inclusion planning. In this role he has helped identify barriers to full community participation and inclusion, specifically in the areas of employment. In 2013 Gene was awarded the Flo Paul IN UNISION award in recognition of his work.

His calm demeanor, sense of humor and critical thinking works very well in relating to others.   

Dennis Gill

Dennis Gill and his wife Roxann reside on Pilley’s Island, NL. They are the parents of two children, Daniel and Jenna. Danny developed frequent epileptic seizures, petit mal and grand mal, after his initial immunization at three months, which led to subsequent severe developmental delay both intellectually and physically. Though Danny cannot walk or talk, and is totally dependent on his parents and others for his many and varied needs, Dennis and Roxann believe that he has truly blessed their nuclear and extended family, and for over 33 years has taught them to be better human beings by way of caring, sharing, loving, and compassion, to cite just four traits. Dennis believes that they have been “down the disability road” in the real world. But, have kept a positive attitude, dealt head-on with the various challenges which have beset them, and strived to make the best of a situation created beyond their control. In 2013 he was presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for all his volunteer work with the community of Pilley’s Island and the dedication he have given to various committees and associations throughout Newfoundland and Labrador to help better the lives of those living with disabilities.

Ray McIsaac

Ray has been involved with the Association for Community Living for over 25 years at the national, provincial and local community levels in support of persons with disabilities and their families. Married to Kathy, they have four adult sons/daughters, two of whom have autism related disabilities. He is Past-President of NLACL and chairs the Future Planning Committee with responsibilities in the area of support trusts, the registered disability savings program and legal reform to enable supported decision making. Ray has dedicated a significant amount of his time volunteering to advance the rights of individuals with intellectual disabilities in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and throughout Canada.

Ray was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal at the 2012 CACL conference in Winnipeg.

Marg Pike

At the December 2012 Newfoundland and Labrador Association for Community Living (NLACL) Annual General Meeting Marg Pike was bestowed the honor of Distinguished Associate. Her years of hard work and dedication to our movement have been truly outstanding. Marg was instrumental in implementing a policy on meaningful full inclusion of persons with disabilities into to the regular classroom in NL. Marg served on the Labrador West Local Associations’ board of directors and presently serves on the provincial board. As a Distinguished Associate, NLACL is publicly recognizing Marg as a volunteer whose main goal was that of creating communities where everyone belongs. Marg presently resides in Bloomfield, NL with her husband Ev and daughter Kelly.