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New Brunswick


Sue Hill

Sue HillMeet Sue Hill, Volunteer with the New Brunswick Association for Community Living. Sue has been volunteering with NBACL for more than 10 years. Sue began her volunteer work with NBACL through The Sky’s the Limit Snow Challenge an annual fundraising event. She has spoken at NBACL conferences and continues to volunteer regularly with NBACL helping with office duties and events when needed. “I like the people that I work with,” says Sue. “It makes me happy that I’m contributing.” Thank-you, Sue for helping NBACL to change lives and communities!

Lorraine Silliphant

Lorraine Silliphant of Fredericton, New Brunswick is recognized for her work in advancing the cause of children and adults with an intellectual disability provincially and nationally. Starting with her work with the New Brunswick Association for Community Living 40 years ago, Lorraine played a key role in ensuring that people with an intellectual disability could become valued and contributing members in every aspect of community life. She worked to have disability listed as a prohibited ground for discrimination when the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was adopted in 1982. She also led efforts to deinstitutionalize children with an intellectual disability so that they could live, learn, work and participate fully in their communities. Lorraine sits on several NBACL advisory committees and continues to share her wisdom and passion for the inclusion of persons with an intellectual disability.

Tony Boone

Tony Boone of Fredericton, NB, has been volunteering for NBACL for 4 years, doing odd jobs and assisting with the set up at NBACL public events. His volunteer work for NBACL allows staff to focus on supporting people with an intellectual disability and their families. One of the ways he helps the Association is by shredding paper. He is so efficient at it that the staff gave him the moniker of Tony “The Shredder Man.” NBACL staff members helped Tony start a small paper shredding service called Tony the Shredder Man. He sells the paper he shreds by the bag to pet stores and other businesses looking for pet bedding or fire starter. “Tony contributes a great deal to NBACL, so we are thrilled to see him express his entrepreneurial spirit through his small enterprise,” says NBACL Transition Facilitator, Lynn Akmens.

Marlene Colbourne

Marlene Colbourne has been a volunteer and parent advocate for children and adults with an intellectual disability and their families since her first involvement with NBACL in 2002. She volunteered as a member of the NBACL Board in 2003 and was elected President where she served from 2007-2009. She was re-elected in 2009 where she served until 2011. Marlene is Chair of the Inclusive Education Committee for NBACL, and a member of the NBACL Family Task Force. She also chaired the National Action Committee on Inclusive Education. Her commitment to the inclusion and full participation of her daughter Aimee in New Brunswick’s school system and community has made her a popular speaker on inclusive education and a trusted mentor to numerous parents in New Brunswick.