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Patricia Gouldie

Patricia GouldiePat is the parent of an adult son with an intellectual disability, who has been a leader and inspiration to parents of children with disabilities in the community of Brandon, Manitoba for thirty years.

When her son was a preschooler she and other members of Community Living Brandon worked to create an inclusive preschool program which became incorporated under a community board. This first integrated preschool program led the way for what are now the norm - preschools and daycare centers which include any child, with supports provided as necessary to meet their needs.

Pat has been an active member of Community Living Brandon for all thirty years -one of a small, core group which kept the organization alive, responding to the needs of families and individuals, reflecting positive community values and presence.  She has demonstrated how to change the perception of communities and create welcoming places so other families can feel they are not alone.

Debby Coombs

Debby worked for Family Services in the provincial government for many years and worked comfortably with community advocacy organizations and families.
Now retired, she understands existing gaps in services expressed by families and brings that knowledge with her as president of Community Living Brandon. Concerns related to equality in access to community day care services has been an emerging issue for young families in the Westman area and Debby will be working with parents, agencies and associations to appropriately address this and other concerns in her work with Community Living Brandon.

Jim Croy

Jim Croy has been involved in the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities for most of his life both as a parent and by working and volunteering in the field. Jim has been a Community Living Selkirk Board member for over 12 years and has served as their representative at the Community Living Manitoba table several times. Jim brings to the table the insight of a parent and knowledge of what other parents in the community want to see for their children in the future.

Jim’s connections to families in the Selkirk and surrounding areas runs deep as Jim and his family are known throughout the community for their dedication to the Selkirk Special Olympics group. Jim and his family are involved in coaching the bowling, track and field and contributing to the Interlake Special Olympic fundraisers and special events.

Jim is also a Board member for Riverside Grill, a social enterprise started by Community Living Selkirk. The focus of this venture is to provide training and develop employment opportunities for people with disabilities within the service industry. Jim brings a level-headed approach to Board meetings but will not hesitate to take a stand on an issue he feels passionately about. Jim is well spoken and often designated as our public speaker – engaging his audience with his quick wit and passion for seeing things done right. Having a Board member that has deep connections to his community through working with other groups, understanding the business aspect of our work and being well respected adds to our capacity. We are lucky to have someone with Jim’s deep commitment, unwavering values and community connections helping to guide our organization.

Jim strives to help to create a full and rich lifestyle for all individuals. Jim wants to see the continued acceptance of the people with disabilities, both in the workforce and the community at large.

Pat Golding

Pat Golding has been an advocate of individuals with intellectual disabilities for forty years, as a parent, and a board member of both Community Living Brandon and Community Living Manitoba.  He was instrumental in developing Community Living Manitoba’s “Futures Fund,” which he envisioned as an endowment fund to maintain the organizations financial well-being when government core funding ended.

Pat has acted as a support person and mentor for many local families learning new diagnoses of their children, and provided support to families navigating the school system.  He has been a facilitator for People First and supported local members in joining the national organization as leaders.

Pat has also been a leader in building services from the “ground up”, as a member of existing service boards and the creator of a new agency to support individuals leaving an institution.