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British Columbia

Teresa and Kayla Willms

Teresa and Kayla became volunteers with Inclusion BC two years ago when Kayla began to make plans for her transition from high school. This mother and daughter team have been bravely sharing their journey through video on our blog “On My Way-transition planning BC”. In addition, they have both volunteered to co-facilitate a workshop that was developed by Inclusion BC that provides individuals, families and educators with the value, as well as the nuts and bolts, of early and thorough planning. The magic of sharing their personal story has added tremendous impact to the work of our organization.

Angela Robertson

Angela RAngela Robertson is a very active mother of 2 boys, Angus & Austin, ages 12 and 13. Soon after moving to the small community of Tumbler Ridge, Angela soon realized the lack of services in her community for families raising a child with a disability. As a result, Angela has become a leader in convening other families with similar issues by starting a parent support group and sharing the resources of Inclusion BC with these families. This past year,

Angela organized a visit by Inclusion BC staff to the Tumbler Ridge and Dawson Creek communities. She also hosted our workshop, “On My Way- Meaningful Transition Planning” for a group of educators and families. This has opened the door to continued dialogue and outreach to more remote communities in BC.

 Annette Delaplace

Annette’s family became involved with community living when her daughter Emily was born with multiple challenges. They were soon connected with the Richmond Society for Community Living’s (RSCL) Infant Development and Supported Child Development programs.

As current President of Inclusion BC and past President of RSCL, Annette feels that having had an opportunity to be a part of these organizations and their work towards creating ever more inclusive communities is a privilege and one way in which she and her family has felt they can say thank you for the experiences their family has had.

Annette very much appreciates that it has been the tireless work and dedication of so many families, self advocates, staff and volunteers which has created the opportunities for inclusion we now have and the foundation for possibilities in the future.