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Marg Meisner

Marg MeisnerMarg is the epitome of determination and commitment. A dedicated parent Marg has used her skills to advocate on behalf of her adult son David so that he could have meaningful opportunities in the community.

Marg has been a member of Calgary Community Living Society for 12 years. Through her membership she has served on the Board of Directors, published the quarterly newsletter and hosted the monthly Coffee Talk Sessions.

A visionary in her own humble way Marg was instrumental in helping to create the Family Managed Supports Resource Centre in Calgary. A Centre that now serves hundreds of families each year who have adopted the FMS (Individualized) funding model to ensure their adult sons and daughters have every opportunity to be employed, engage in social/recreational activities, and to create countless relationships with other community members.

Donna Desjardins

Donna exemplifies the concept of a natural leader.  As business owners in St. Paul, Donna and her husband Ray are active volunteers from the Chamber of Commerce to Affordable Housing. As a parent Donna advanced inclusive education, participated in regional governance and supported her son to develop his own business. Donna has been instrumental in developing and sustaining a local network of families, which she chairs.  She is a local resource always available to individuals and families who from time to time find themselves in crisis, needing help with an RDSP or individualized funding.  She is the rock a great many rely upon.

Don Anderson

In his more than 10 years as a volunteer Don has served primarily as AACL’s Treasurer inspiring others through his many supportive roles and commitments.

Don consistently supports AACL in all its fundraising efforts: volunteering at events, becoming an AACL Dream Maker, advising staff on personal financial matters and educating the public about the value of AACL to our province. His personal commitment extends to applying his financial knowledge as an advocate for individuals and families, including a sustained commitment to a woman who was formerly institutionalized and who not only needed Don’s help in managing her finances but in addressing her living situation.

Diane Reid

Diane Reid has been an inspiring and dedicated volunteer with the AACL for over 15 years.

Diane’s volunteer engagement has ranged from leadership roles within her community to leading fund development activities.  Diane’s enthusiasm lifts the spirits of all.  She has organized a golf tournament for AACL for the last 8 years, which has raised close to a $100,000: a remarkable achievement.

More remarkable yet has been Diane’s capacity to reach out to individuals with developmental disabilities who are parents and struggling to maintain a home and raise their children.  She does this, selflessly, without ever being asked and in this way makes a world of difference.

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